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3 Little Known Facts about Realism International Relations

Posted in Uncategorized on December 23rd, 2012 by International Relations Major – Be the first to comment

Even if you not an International Relations student, it is still important to know some facts about what it is and how it can benefit and affect your beloved country. One of the best ways to look at IR is through the perspective of realists. So what exactly is realism International Relations and what’s so important about knowing it and applying its concept to your real life? Here are some little known facts about the topic.

What is Realism International Relations?

First and most importantly, there is a need for people to define the terms to this concept first. Realism is also known as political realism in light of international relations and is a perspective that emphasizes the importance of competitive and conflicting sides to things. Simply put, realism in this regard is the exact opposite or realism and liberalism that focus mainly on cooperation.

What’s Makes Realists Different?

Realists have their own ways of looking at things. To them, the most important thing to states is their security, the pursuit of national interests and the struggle for power. Realists tend to focus on power and self-interest, setting aside the idea of ethical norms and relationship between different states and countries.

How Do Realism International Relations Graduates Think?

Of course, there is no denying the fact that there are some realism international relations graduates and students who still believe in the importance of ethics in relation to international studies. These people think and believe that human nature is the starting point for realism. They too believe that the absence of international political outcomes is a result of the absence of government. They also regard state security as one of the most important issues for every state.

Realist vs. Non-Realist International Relations

If you are about to major in International Relations and Studies, it is important to figure out which of the two types of studies you will be focusing on. There’s really nothing wrong with choosing any of the two because it’s all a matter of what you will believe in as you progress in your learning. But what’s important to note is that whatever you choose, this is the kind of stand you will promote the minute you enter the real world and work as an IR graduate, whether you’re a diplomat, a Foreign Service office or even a Peace Corps volunteer.

In the beginning, it might be a little difficult to understand the concept behind realism international relations especially since you are required to go back in time and read through a multitude of historical articles written about it. But hopefully, this brief and simple explanation on what this topic is all about gave you an idea whether or not this is the right focus for you. Bear in mind that your country’s future representative, people will be relying on you for so many things and it’s important to stay true to your core and stand by your own beliefs.

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